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Choose purely practical approach against old theoretical one

Pediatric Chest

Video Recording of the session

By Dr. Sudeshna malakar

Rated As: 5, Price: Free
Held On: 15-Jun-2024

osce's on chest radiology recording

Event Video. Will be available after 3 days of the event.

By Dr. Somali Ghosh


Rated As: 5, Price: Free
Held On: 18-May-2024


Video recording and PACS of the event having Radio-Ortho meet covering points like what to include in reports meeting the expectations of the physician.

By Dr. Chaitali Parekh

DNB (Radiodiagnosis), FRCR (UK)

Rated As: 5, Price: 700
Held On: 10-May-2024

Deep Pelvic Endometriosis MRI

Video recording will be available after 3 days of the event.

By Dr. Rashmi Chand


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Held On: 04-May-2024

Imaging in Pediatric Leukodystrophy

Video recording

By Dr. Gobinda Pramanick

MBBS, MD (Radiodiagnosis), DM (Neuroradiology)

Rated As: 5, Price: 300
Held On: 26-Apr-2024

Online Radiology course in 2024 with imaging technology

Radiology in the field of medical subjects provides education that deals with paramedical science, where treatment and diagnosis of diseases are done with the help of technology and picture tests in various medical fields to capture images of the various inner organs in the human body. A radiologist has to work together with doctors and this is an important part of the medical diagnosis process. With the aid of cutting-edge technology, radiologists use radiography— pictures created by various imaging modalities, to precisely diagnose a patient's condition.

The fundamentals of radiology involve a variety of imaging techniques for treating and diagnosing diseases, such as X-rays, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), and nuclear medicine, such as positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Online radiology course and imaging technology

For them that are seeking career in radiology, Radilearn is the best online learning platform that offers radiology courses that use the practical experience of real-life patients. It is an institute of health sciences that provides you medical education with an extensive dataset and a vast knowledge base. For those who are pursuing a radiology course, this online platform brings you well-esteemed radiologists in India to help you dive deep in the career in the medical field students and doctors who are studying radiology.

Expert guidance

Our professionals are known worldwide for their excellence in radiology and radiography skills. Those that conduct these classes are FRCR, FICR certified radiologists. They provide live sessions on radiology courses online. Learning radiology courses includes the chance for you to have live interaction with the experts themselves, asking them questions and clearing up your queries within the live ongoing course duration.

This entire course offers you a chance to look inside the perspective of medical professionals, encountering their practical insights that no other institute of medical science or medical college in India has ever brought forth. You will have the golden opportunity to get an advanced opinion from these renowned experts in the field of radiology.

Online classes from the professionals themselves

Radilearn offers you the exceptional by furnishing your knowledge with the experience and practice of professional radiologists. These particular online courses in radiology play a vital role in the department of radiology training, as you are presented with unique medical cases from real-life patients and their medical illustrations.

Classes also explains how to diagnose and treat diseases or injuries of these practical cases. Students are given the opportunity to have a look at real-life diagnoses and treatments, where they start to think outside the box. Medical students are given the chance to clear their doubts and queries with radiology professionals.

Popular radiology courses are offered

Popular courses include pediatric radiology, diagnostic radiology , interventional radiology, and many more. We also offer imaging technology courses where courses available to learn using various imaging modalities like medical imaging using various tests, also offering study on diagnostic imaging and learning the using of PACS and various image viewer are some of the things which are taught in the radiology courses.

Continuous and convenient learning platform

Online classes makes it efficient and effective to reach a wider student base. It brings you the best studies in radiology to access at your convenience and ease. There is no fear of being left out, as with Radilearn you have the feature to revisit these lectures as many times you want, anytime and at anywhere for revision or to clarify any dark spots that are left behind.

Radilearn provides you with the feature of a checklist approach for systematic case analysis. Through this, you will not skip any important step while diagnosing and treating a patient. It will also minimize your mistake and help boost your diagnosis procedure in a well-ordered manner.


Community collaboration

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” ~ Mother Teresa.

Having a problem? Stuck in something? Want an expert opinion?

Be a part of the Radilearn community and explore premium radiology education experience. This community joins you with a team of highly skilled and experienced radiologists with renowned certificate in radiology, where you get to brush up on your proficiency with expert radiologists. Exchange thoughts and questions and explore new findings by having live interaction with other intellectual minds.

Polls have been created for you to vote on the topic you want to have a discussion on. The topic that has received the highest number of vote gets allotted for the live online conference discussion for that week.

Comprehending physician perspective

Sometimes knowledge and education are not enough for one to be an exceptional in the radiology field. Theory and speculation wont be able to decipher the concept of what a physician wants. Radiologists may clear a report on a general basis but will be in ignorance and unawareness of what the other side physician actually needs from them.

Radilearn radiology courses usually offers you the involvement and participation with a physician, which will lead you to the awareness and acknowledgement of the mindset of the physician. Classes in Radilearn will have the participation of radiologists as well as a physician to project both of their frameworks of perspective in front of you. 

Improved medical imaging techniques

Radilearn provides the technology of picture archiving and communication system (PACS) to the students for better understanding of radiology using various medical picture modalities. It is important to learn how to interpret and use various imaging techniques to diagnose particular medical cases. Students interested in radiology will have the liberty to understand the physician concept when taught in radiology courses with excellent resources. Thus, leaving the final impression in the students mind makes any case much more clear and lucid.

Radiology course eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for radiology courses in Radilearn, is that one has to have a MBBS degree after completing training in the field of medicine and surgery. MBBS is a mandatory degree for the students and doctors who wants to join this online radiology course. Doctors and students can have other medical degrees too along with the mandatory one.